Jakarta International
Literary Festival

It was a long time ago when Indonesia first embarked its literary journey and it has now flourished, yet still its works are largely dismissed by the global literature scene. While there’s also only limited number of available translated works, the issue is made worse when Anglophone-oriented literary scene also tends to erase the rest of Indonesian literature when they are not translated.

Indonesian literature presents an important voice in world literature. The Literary Committee of Jakarta Arts Council is committed to amplify its echo, and therefore extends an invitation to the global literature to attend the international literary festival that the Committee initiated. This carefully-curated program shall be a bridge to better connect Indonesian literature with the world readers.

This year, we are introducing Road to JILF 2021, “Heroes: (Re)making History”. Our yearning to heed the narrations from buried voices had sparked the idea to introduce this theme. Through Road to JILF 2021, together we shall (re)discover and (re)learn history, this time told by different heroes of the epic.